Greetings and a warm welcome to Kulki Brand Lab!

We are Kulki Brand Lab, a boutique agency with a rich history of specialising in branding, website development, and graphic design services. We’re passionate about crafting distinctive and effective solutions that will truly elevate your brand.

Our agency prides itself on delivering holistic brand development strategies, and we’re here to guide your company towards new heights of success.

Operating out of Kelowna, BC, we prioritise work-life balance, acknowledging the importance of family and a life outside the office.

We’re creative and enjoy solving whatever problems you send our way, and refuse to do a ‘good enough’ job instead of the best job.

In our role of supporting you, we’ll redefine what communication means, emphasising that it’s not just about what you say, but what the other person truly understands.

Meet our small but mighty team

Angela Rafter | Creative Director

Let’s introduce you to Angela, our remarkable Creative Director who brings over twelve years of experience in website design, graphic design, marketing, and product photography.

Across various industries, she has expertly designed ecommerce and brochure sites, developed brand guidelines, and crafted compelling collateral sets for numerous brands.

Her last in-house marketing role resulted in increasing the brand’s Instagram followers by over 240% in twelve months!

Originally from Australia, Angela has brought her passion and skills to Canada, infusing it with her unique perspective and vibrant energy.

Get ready to be inspired by Angela’s creativity and dedication as she elevates your efforts!

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